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Theresa's King Pins for Littles

Theresa's King Pins for Littles

Over a year ago I became a Big Sister to an amazing 14-year-old girl named Morgan. She faces many challenges in her life and I hope to be a positive role model and mentor for her during the challenging teenage years. We get together almost every Sunday doing things such as painting at Color Me Mine, going to the movies, baking at my house, walking on the beach with my dog, Lucy (who Morgan adores), bike riding, going to Top Golf, making terrariums at Plant Bar, bowling and many other fun outings. I know the time together is a break from her sometimes difficult home life. Although Morgan still has many struggles I feel that I am a positive influence in her life and am making a difference. All children have potential and as Morgan’s BIG I have become her Defender of Potential. I also am a member of the Big Brothers Big Sisters Advisory Board to help raise money to support this amazing organization. It is an extremely well-run, professional organization that has been an incredible support system to me as I navigate my relationship with my Little. Please join me in supporting the BBBS virtual Bowl for Kid’s Sake on April 25 and make a donation – any amount counts! Thank you!

Theresa's King Pins for Littles

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Virtual Bowl for Kids' Sake

About This Campaign

Bowl for Kids' Sake has gone VIRTUAL! 

 In compliance with orders from the Governor we are suspending the Hampton Roads and Virginia Peninsula Bowl for Kids’ Sake bowling parties. Helping to mitigate the spread of the virus means minimizing contact with large groups of people, especially at indoor events. But we are adaptable – and so is Bowl for Kids’Sake!

 It’s more important now than ever that we are able to support the hundreds of kids that need mentors in Virginia. Bowl for Kids’ Sake is BBBS’ largest annual fundraiser, and we’re still $22,604 away from our yearly goal! Since we can't host a physical event, we're having a virtual one! The rules are almost exactly the same as before – except we will be offering the chance to play a brand new exclusive BBBS Bowling Video Game! 

How to participate:

Sign up

Sign up your team and add your participants through this page.


All teams need to raise their $500 by 5:00 on April 24th.  


On April 25th at 12:00 we will send out the link and instructions to all qualified teams to use the video game. Each team member will have until 2:00 pm to send us their BEST score to be combined into the team score. At 2:00, we will collect all scores, award prizes and celebrate all your hard work!  

Prizes will be awarded to the top three fundraising teams, top individual fundraiser, high scoring team, high scoring individual and the high scoring team. We will also have a few social media contests - stay tuned for details!

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    Love you momma!
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    Love you momma :)
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  4. Beverly Surrattt
    Beverly Surrattt gave a $15 donation
    Go team GO! Pulling for you from afar!
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